Week 1 Discussion: (1-2 references)

Week 1 Discussion: (1-2 references).

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For this assignment, you will submit five research questions on five topics that could be used in a survey on fear of crime that you could give to people in their neighborhood.

In your response, include answers to the following:

  • Describe each topic.
  • Explain the intended approach toward each research question for each topic.
  • Describe the ways in which these questions will support your survey analysis.

Example for another student in the class in case you need to see the layout for the discussion:

Topics 1: The Impact of Media on Fear of Crime and College Students: A National Perspective

This topic looks forward to examine the effect that the main stream media has on crime and fear of crime in the modern American community.

Research Question: How does the mainstream media impact on fear of crime amongst college students?

This question will help in directing the researcher to formulate the appropriate research method to collect data from the students and analyze it.

Topic 2: Media Consumption, Perceptions of Crime Risk and Fear of Crime.

It is believed that by consuming the local television news in a significant manner, the society faces high risk and perceptions of fear of crime. This research investigates the perceptions of consumption of TV news on fear of crime.

Research Question: What perceptions does the TV news create in the community in terms of crime and fear of crime?

This research question is very important because it will help in policy guidelines formation and to help proper understanding of crime and fear of crime.

Topic 3: Functions and Feelings in the Fear of Crime

This topic focuses on the functions in the fear of crime.

Research Question: What are the factors that contribute towards the fear of crime?

The research question is very important because it will help in better understanding of the things that contributes to fear of crime and how to reduce it over the long-term.

Topic 4: Reconceptualizing Fear of Crime: The Emergence of Crime Awareness

Research Question: What is the role of social media in creating crime awareness?

It is important to understand the role that social media platforms play when it comes to creation of crime awareness by conceptualizing fear of crime.

Topic 5: Predicting Fear of Crime using a Multilevel and Multi-Model Approach

Research Question: How can crime and fear of crime be reduced in a modern society?

This one would help the research understand how to deal with ways to minimize fear of crime in the society.

Week 1 Discussion: (1-2 references)

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