Week 4: Discussion: Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities

Paper details Week 4: Discussion: Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities Purpose The purpose of this discussion is to explore the responsibilities of the DNP-prepared nurse as a project manager. The project manager has the lead role and responsibility for project success. Project managers are accountable for the project scope, project team, resources, and the success or failure of the project. Our discussion this week allows us to look at activities in the project planning and implementation phases. Instructions Reflect upon your readings and professional experience and address the following:

Question 1. Examine why is it important to identify stakeholders and the project team early on when undertaking a project. Question 2. Consider the organizational culture where you plan to implement your DNP project. Describe organizational cultural barriers that may be present that will need to be overcome for project success. Question 3. For your DNP project, detail your implementation plan to include milestones. Dear Writer, my project is opioid abuse in a rural West Texas Primary care clinic

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