week 4 Discussion Responce

week 4 Discussion Responce.

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The Regent University B.A in Leadership Studies program is a well balanced program in my opinion. The strength of the program comes in many areas, specifically the concentration in business program gives an individual student the balance of leading and understanding business at the same time. This is something that is much needed in today’s business world. One often hears, that a company was great but that their manager or leader was horrible, and the Regent program gives one a clear understanding of both leading others while maintaining the business perspective. The only weakness that I see is that the programs are fast paced, so student really do not get a chance to digest the information before moving on to other areas. Never the less, the program is student well for today’s students that are already working, balancing a family, and school. Today’s world is all about teams, Raymond Noe (2010) suggest that there are main elements of the structure of team training that includes tools, methods, strategies, team training objectives, and content (p. 280).

The construction and challenges of teams is often, and noted as Susan Wheelan (2016) argues that individuals form groups, that then turn into teams that go through a series of stages before they become a high performance team (pp. 1-36). It takes both a leader and someone with a business sense to help guide teams through this process to help meet company objectives. Over the past two decades academics and institutes of higher education have been diversifying delivery of instruction through new Internet media (Concannon et al., 2005). E-learning is nothing new and Regent is providing Christians the ability to learn based on Biblical principles, the Biblical intergration helps leaders to treat other with love and patients along the way.

*Please write a response of 150- 200 word count with one reference.and in text citation.

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Wheelan, S.A. (2016). Creating effective teams: A guide for members and leaders (5th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publishing.

week 4 Discussion Responce

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