week 5


Parents and family are a big influence on a child’s behavior and academic success. Communicating with families will be critical in your classroom management plan. Imagine you have been trying to reach out to a parent about concerns you have regarding their child’s behavior and academic efforts. You have called the parent, written an email, and sent a note home with the student, but have not had any success reaching the parent.

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

  • What steps would you take next to try to connect with the parent?
  • Once you do connect with the parent, how do you assure you will be able to reach them successfully next time?
  • What are some technology-based tools you can employ in order to maintain consistent communication with parents, and how would you use them?

Review the College’s Conceptual Framework.

  • How does this topic link to the College’s Conceptual Framework and the framework’s philosophical relationship to effective teacher preparation?

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