Week 8 assignments

Week 8 assignments.

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What to do to prepare for this weeks assignment.)

Hi Folks,

Here’s what you need to do to prepare the assignment

*Read Chapter 17 (ANVOVA) in the Warner text, and take notes. Post questions (in the Collaborative Lab Discussion Board) on any concept, assumption, or statistic that you do not fully understand. I few students have indicted that they don’t ask question. I expect all of you to ask question on any assigned reading that you do not fully understand.

*Watch the instructional video’s in the Week 8 Resources pages. Again, post questions on any concept, assumption, or statistic that you do not fully understand.

* In-class problem 2: Reproduce the results for the second in-class problem.

Week 8 Application Assignment.

1) Write a Null and Alternative Hypothesis specific to the research question. That is: After controlling for pre-college CPT-Reading Comprehension levels, do the three study groups (College Success, Traditional Developmental, and Non-Developmental Students) successfully complete statistically different annual credits?

2) Explain the goals of the study and of the analyses.

3) Describe the sample.

4) Test the assumptions of ANCOVA (hint, Levene’s test for the between group factor, and the test for homogeneity of regression) – report the results of these test to determine of the data met the assumptions in correct APA format.

5) Within an APA formatted table report group means, 95% CI for means, SDs, SE, adjusted means.

6) Plot the adjusted means.

7) Create an APA formatted table of the ANCOVA Results.

8) Using my sample summary as a template, fully summarize the results for the ANCOVA in correct APA style. Be sure to report and interpret the results for the covariate (CPT-R) and for the between groups, be sure to report and interpret the appropriate effect sizes. Be sure to report the type of post hoc test conducted and the results from (Bonferroni’s) mean comparison tests.

9) What conclusions can be drawn from the study?

10) Attach the SPSS output in an appendix to your paper.

-A. Napoli

Week 8 assignments

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