What Are The Implications Of Leadership As A Process Rather Than A Position?

After completing the reading assignments, post your initial response to the following points:
To what extent do your agree or disagree with the text’s definition of leadership from a Christian perspective and why? Include your perspective on understanding the distinctions and commonalities between managers verses leaders.
What are the implications of leadership as a process rather than a position? https://essaypandit.com/essay-papers/ Include your workplace experience if leaders are selected and appointed or just recognized and the implications of this perspective.

Analyze two scholarly sources and discuss to what extent they align with your response to the discussion question.
Read: Manning & Curtis: Chapter 1
Read: Merida: Kingship 1:1 – 2:46, Solomon’s Wisdom 3:1 – 5:18, Solomon’s Temple 6:1 – 9

Read: Chapter 1: The Importance of Leadership: Setting the Stage https://theeliteessaywriters.com/blogessays/
Read: Evaluating a Competency Approach in Assessing Biblical Leadership Effectiveness
Read: Matthew 20:25 – 28
Read: John 15:16

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