Who can do this essay?

Who can do this essay?.

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Essay #3 Due Contemporary Literature Loung Ung “First they killed my father”

“When I ask Kim what a capitalist is, he tells me it is someone who is from the city. He says the Khmer Rouge government views science, technology, and anything mechanical as evil and therefore must be destroyed. The Angkar says the ownership of cars and electronics such as watches, clocks, and televisions created a deep class division between the rich and the poor. This allowed the urban rich to flaunt their wealth while the rural poor struggled to feed and clothe their families. These devices have been imported from foreign countries and thus are contaminated. Imports are defined as evil because they allowed foreign countries a way to invade Cambodia, not just physically but also culturally. So now these goods are abolished. Only trucks are allowed to operate, to relocate people and carry weapons to silence any voices of dissent against the Angkar.”

“This is what the war has done to me. Now I want to destroy because of it. There is such hate and rage inside me now. The Angkar has taught me to hate so deeply that I now know I have the power to destroy and kill.”

Loung Ung, First They Killed My Father: A Daughter of Cambodia Remembers (Links to an external site.)

From the film “First They Killed My Father,” the Angkar claimed themselves socialist and acted in promoting nationalism and equality of people through commune living on agricultural industry and aimed to create new people and new society, please write an essay based on the quote provided above and make connection to the film in responding to Angkar’s policy of genocide and re-educated their people.

Who can do this essay?

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