Wk 1 Discussion

Wk 1 Discussion.

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1.Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

Our readings this week informs us that our emotional intelligence begins its development during the period of attachment as an infant and that “Physical and emotional expression is what draws people to us or makes them avoid us . . .” (Segal, 2008, p. 25). Even though emotional intelligence begins to develop in infancy, it continues to develop well into adulthood. This week’s reading assignment suggests that we are able to improve our emotional awareness and emotional intelligence in order to improve our ability to communicate and build relationships with others.

  • What are some ways in which emotional intelligence is involved in effective communication? Why is it important?
  • What might make improving our emotional intelligence difficult?
  • What recommendations would you give a co-worker who wants to improve their emotional intelligence?

2. Respond to the following classmates:


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Some ways in which emotional Intelligence is involved in effective communication are when making rash decision without thinking through because one emotion such as anger triggers the negative responses. It also is involved when making presentations or in a leadership position. It is also involved in when trying to convey your point o view to others that may not see it that way. It is very important because it can show how well you communicate in a work environment and in relationships. Things that may make our improvements in emotional Intelligence difficult, is letting anger and sadness could damage relationships, lives and missions. Depending on what emotions are effecting improvement in their emotional intelligence there are books and programs to help them out better in their journey. For anything to get better in any they are trying to accomplish, it takes time and energy or will to want to improve. That is one hard thing to do now because a lot of people now let their emotions get in the way in improvement in their careers or in their personal relationships.

3. Respond to the following classmates:

Brittany P.

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Emotional intelligence is essential to communicating effectively because it exhibits maturity . To be able to utilize your emotions effective by being attentive to the tone and pace while speaking is imperative to be able to get the message across to that person. “a type of intelligence that involves the ability to process emotional information and use it in reasoning and other cognitive activities”(Dictionary.APA.org, 2018). Gaining emotional intelligence can be difficult if an individual isn’t skilled in comprehending emotions. Having the ability to identify and understand emotions displays being aware and sensitive to others emotions. The recommendation I would have for a co-worker would be to facilitate thought using emotions but in order to that to be accomplished, detecting and identifying emotions is key. Later, that co-worker will be able to be effective in emotional management which is essential to communication. Overall, emotional intelligence requires social skills, empathy, and emotional self-awareness.

Wk 1 Discussion

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