woman, children and poverty

woman, children and poverty.

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Fast-forward through a month in the life of a family living with low resources. You will participate in a guided role play. Discuss realities and the violence of poverty. Learn to be a part of the solution. You will submit a reflection paper on your experience after the simulation. Please work hard to not miss this assignment, there is no makeup assignment that is equivalent to this assignment.

Questions to consider in your reflection:

What types of feelings did you experience during this simulation? Did you experience any feeling you didn’t expect to experience during this simulation?

How would living in the tyranny of the moment affect the way that parents interact with their children?

Did your approach to accomplishing your goals change throughout the month? If so, how?

Did you do anything during the simulation that in real life would go against your morals or values?

Did you have any aha moments during the simulation?

I was the father so write about how difficult to stay at home tack care of a child with no job



Write 1 page refelection paper on your reaction to participating in activity.


Writing is clear, e.g. complete sentences, correct spelling, etc.


woman, children and poverty

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