work life balance

work life balance.

I need help with a Powerpoint question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

i want you to make power-points slides.

our project topic is about work life balance.

(this is my classmate’s presentation)1.What is the problem? (work-life balance as a man’s issue)

(this is mine presentation’s topic) Why there is such a problem? ()

(this is my classmate’s presentation)How to solve the problem? (Atlantic) this is the main article

These are support articles:



My power-points sections should mainly talk about: 1. why there is such a problem of work-life balance

(2) why does men have such burden.

(3) why dose men wants more personal free time to stay with their family instead of work whole day long.

i will upload my group’s notes below

work life balance

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