Working with children and families from diverse Ethnic Background

How is our society changing with regard to ethnicity? Provide a couple of statistics (from webpages / the best practice text / an article / any other relevant source) about ethnicity and describe why “teachers” should be aware of diversity related to ethnicity. /0x4*

Provide a full reference for your material in APA. Examples of things to post: How is the USA changing in regard to the number of second language learners? How is the US changing in regard to the number of Hispanic children (different from “all” people). What about children from other racial/ethnic backgrounds? What about Alabama?

The best place to find this information is from webpages, e.g., the US census or ‘recent’ articles that discuss this. 2. Read the chapter 6 from the best practice text (science) make a list of 4 or 5 “Best Practices” that were in the chapter (don’t forget to include page #’s where you found the best practices).

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