workplace analysis

workplace analysis.

I’m studying for my Writing class and need an explanation.

Workplace analysis: Here you will choose an organizational issue related to an organization where you have worked or volunteered (ideally, a former co-op employer, but this is not required). The deliverable will an in-depth application of the most relevant concepts from class, to (a) diagnose problem(s) and (b) recommend actions that could (or perhaps could have) improved the outcomes of the company and the particular issue in question.

What I want to include is how to get along well with each manager or my workmate, different people have different personalities, during the co-op time, I spent some time to figure out which manager has what personalities, and how I use different ways to get along well with them and didn’t make them mad at me or frustrated.


7 pages, double space, 12-point type

workplace analysis

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