World Affairs

World Affairs.

I don’t understand this Political Science question and need help to study.

I am studying international relations in a top uni in the UK, I usually do all my papers and had only firsts of high 2:1s, but due to unforeseen events I did not have time to write this one and need help ASAP. The word limit is 1500 words (+/- 100) and there must be absolutely no plagiarism. I would like Jack S Levy’s 2013 article Interstate War and Peace to be referenced in the first paragraph on realism (offensive and defensive) as well as Mearsheimer’s 2014 article Why the Ukraine Crisis is the West’s Fault as a case study. Then in the second paragraph neorealism and democratic peace theory could be used as a counterargument. Finally the third paragraph should be about how both realism and liberalism failed to predict the peaceful end of the Cold War and how that disproves that anarchy necessarily leads to war, since anarchy is only what states make of it (Wendt’s argument). Please I could not stress enough how important it is for this essay to be of the highest possible quality, also 6 to 10 references need to be mentioned.

World Affairs

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