Write 500 + words AP A formatt refernce citation

Write 500 + words AP A formatt refernce citation.

I’m studying for my Health & Medical class and need an explanation.

Select two diagnoses that this patient had. Please answer the following questions in your case study.

  • Provide the background and history for your patient. Include the history of present illness (what brought them to the hospital), past medical history, relevant labs, diagnostic tests and vital signs. (30 points)
  • What is the pathophysiology of each of the disease processes? (20 points)
  • Discuss a minimum of five risk factors related to the disease process. (10 points)
  • What risk factors for each disease process did your patient experience? (10 points)
  • What assessment findings would you anticipate finding in a patient with each diagnosis? (10 points)
  • What diagnostic testing and labs would you examine for each diagnosis and why? (10 points)
  • You have received a call about your patient from a provider covering for the patient you are taking care of. They have no history on your patient. Summarize, using SBAR, the first three components of SBAR (Situation, Background and Assessment) for the patient you have taken care of, including all of the information above. (10 points)

CHf and Diabeties those are my two diagnoses of choice

CHF is congestive heart failure.

Write 500 + words AP A formatt refernce citation

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