Write a 1,000- word persuasive essay

Write a 1,000- word persuasive essay.

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Part I. Background Research

1. Read the assignment 4-reading pdf posted on the portal site. It includes a brief overview of the topic and two short pieces arguing opposing viewpoints.

2. Review the material provided on Ontario’s archived cap and trade website: https://www.ontario.ca/page/cap-and-trade. Ontario cancelled this program in 2018.

Part II. Presenting an Argument in Written Form

In preparation for the debate (to occur during the final tutorial sessions week 11), write a 1,000- word persuasive essay arguing either for or against the expansion of a greenhouse gas cap and trade program across Canada as a way to address climate change.

Answer in opposition (Ontario should be part of cap and trade program)

Write a 1,000- word persuasive essay

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