write a design report

write a design report.

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Introduction/Background Context/History Front Page. On the front page of the site you’ll want to provide an introduction to the topic of your data visualization. Provide an overview of the topic alongside any background info, context, or history we should be aware of to better understand your visual and the data it shows. If you have a complex topic/issue you may need to explain it here. This may also include some info on why you personally care about or are interested in the topic.

Design Page: Why I design the image like this.

Conclusion/Analysis Page.

There are three parts and the total should be 1500 words

The topic I chose id from https://nces.ed.gov/programs/digest/d17/tables/dt17_303.40.asp and the data I choose is 1970-2016 years from all students.

write a design report

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