Heart of Darkness essay

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Write a free-response essay addressing the following question: In his short story “Heart of Darkness,” Joseph Conrad often uses contrastsó such as lightness and darknessóto reinforce his themes and ideas. Among the many contrasts included in the story are those describing the settings. As Marlow relates the story of his journey up the River Congo, he describes a number of different places he passes through on his way to the Inner Station. One of the most obvious contrasts is between Europe and Africa, but there are also clear contrasts between the different stations within Africa. For this Assignment, select two contrasting locations in “Heart of Darkness” and discuss how the contrast between these two places serves to reinforce themes and ideas within the novel as a whole. Be sure to avoid merely summarizing the plot.
PLEASE read the instructions file (you need to read this in order to write the paper) to read as well as additional instructions to follow on that file. In addition to the instructions document, I would like you to include a very Strong thesis please, and reference the thesis again (reword) in the conclusion paragraph. Direct text support in the body paragraphs helps 🙂

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