Write a personal reflection on group participated?

Write a personal reflection on group participated?.

Help me study for my Social Science class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

This group is social work student class facilitated by professor

– students are sitting in circle and

– group started with an acvtivity

– Students are split into 3-4 people each in groups and asked to discuss three stages of group process and their feeling in ech stages( class was slpitted in to two group A and B and both groups chose different topics and two members each class were facilitating in each class and everone got chance to facilitte)todays class was different, whole class as a group and professor facilitate the group as leader.so after discussion students were asked to present their feeling about all thee stages of group process personal feelings as a whole group.

– people expessed different feeling on verbally through gestures such as

In begining phase of group process many group mambers felt anxious, confused, overewheled and stressed.some group members felt apart from others

In middle stages things start getting better as explained via gestures. people felt close to each other, some group members felt relaxed than others , some digdeeper but others still sharing superficial

– in end stage most of group members felt relived but some still stuck somewhere in process as they did not recovered or get full benefit of the group.some people are very close to each other at end and others still find them seperate but through gesture group members make them feel as a part of the group.

– second group acvtivity was to write your name on flip chat and everyone has to write something positive about each other. picture of the chart will be uploaded. please take the comments into consideration and sum them us and explain the feelings I would have about these

Some of the theorie I woul dconnect to this group process is

Systems theory

Anti oppressive( making the left out member feel a part of the group)

Social learning theory

THese all theories are explaines in ( Introduction to group work practice by Toseland and Rivas 2017) course book menditory

THese theoris can be connected and this book can be used as reference.

Write a personal reflection on group participated?

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