write a reflection of chapters 1-2(Innovation Race)

write a reflection of chapters 1-2(Innovation Race).

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As you read through the first couple of chapters of The Innovation Race, you will find it is a brave new world for future business success! Innovation is king! As such:

Write a Reflection of Chapters 1-2 (Innovation Race) (4-6 pages PLUS completed checklists):

  • How do you relate to this perspective?
  • When you consider the categorization of innovation – purpose, real growth or applications…what are you familiar with or what interests you?
  • What would you change in your life to adapt to the demands of the future?
  • Complete and Discuss your responses to the following:
    • Innovation Transformation Checklist (end of Chapter 1 – from the Organization’s perspective…choose a case study or your own organization)
    • Perspectives Checklist (end of Chapter 2- from your individual perspective)

Place in the dropbox as noted!

write a reflection of chapters 1-2(Innovation Race)

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