Write a short 3 page paper

Write a short 3 page paper.

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The purpose of this project is to explore a culture that is not normally part of your daily routine. Essentially, an experience that is unfamiliar. If you are Protestant, you might go to a Jewish synagogue and talk to a rabbi. If you are middle aged, you might spend time at a nursing home talking to the elderly. If you are a heterosexual, you might spend time in a homosexual organization, bar, church, or other institution.

Former experiences by other students include a day with the Amish, a Native American pow-wow, a support group for alcoholics, a day in a funeral home, a discussion with a Buddhist monk, a prison visit, a day in a homeless shelter, and an evening in a lesbian bar.


Write a 3 page paper describing your minority experience. The paper should include:

  1. A brief statement of where you went
  2. Where it is located
  3. Date and length of your visit
  4. Description the people and the setting
  5. Remainder of the paper should be an explanation of your feelings and how you felt being immersed in that culture.

This paper should be 3 pages in length (double-spaced).Include cover page, original work, any questions contact me ASAP

Write a short 3 page paper

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