Write about an interview with a College graduate.

Write about an interview with a College graduate..

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For this assignment i need to interview a College graduate and write about it. These are question asked in the interview:


  • What are some of your fondest memories of your college years?
  • What professor(s) fascinated and stimulated you most and why?
  • What do you regret not having done (or not having done differently) in college?
  • Which of your ideals helped make college most rewarding?
  • What social aspects of university/college life are most meaningful for you?
  • Which of your accomplishments are you most proud?
  • What advice might you have for a first-year college student?

    • What qualities does this person possess that impress you most? Why?
    • What advice did he or she provide that you intend to follow? How will you implement these ideas?
    • What have you done thus far at college that will help you succeed ?
    • In what area(s) do you require improvement? What’s your plan in this regard?
    • Two pages

Write about an interview with a College graduate.

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