write about two artist, ressponse to their presentations

write about two artist, ressponse to their presentations.

I’m studying for my Art & Design class and need an explanation.

Begin this report with a summary and description of the artist’s work and career: i.e., how long have they been practicing, where do they primarily work and exhibit, etc. Describe both the content and forms/practices that constitute their work.

Secondly, provide your response to the artist’s work and their presentation of it. Be substantive and clear; “it was cool” or “it was boring” are insufficient responses. Consider questions such as: How is this like or unlike artworks that I already know? How or why has this work come to be valued as a cultural object or practice? What might be different about seeing this work in person, rather than as an image?

Total length must be two typed double-space pages. The first page should bear your name, the date, and the subject’s name ONLY. Avoid clever spacing, indentations, fonts, etc. Spelling, grammar, and effectiveness of your written product will be considered.

write about two artist, ressponse to their presentations

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