Write an essay about apply strategy to your future

Write an essay about apply strategy to your future.

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These papers are to be three-to-five-page analyses of a question assigned by the professor, researched by the student, and individually written and submitted.Proper writing, grammar, and spelling are critical.The basic grading rubric for each paper is presented below.

Grading Element

Maximum points possible

Does the paper answer the question posed for the assignment in a logical, well-supported manner?


Is the answer supported by well-researched data, that is properly cited and referenced?


Is the writing clear, concise, and free of grammatical, spelling and format errors?




Case 5: Applying Strategy to Your Future

This course presented a series of tools to be used in strategic management that are primarily focused on the firm level.These same tools are applicable at the individual level.This case assignment is intended to help you explore how to apply environmental, industry and firm analysis and formulation to developing your personal strategy for the next five (5) years.Your assignment is to focus on your future plans and identify one (1) key environmental effect trend or pattern from 2015 to 2018 that may impact these plans, one (1) important force within the five forces model that will affect an industry you hope to compete within, one (1) personal resource that is not a source of competitive parity that will play a role in your plans, determine whether your strategy will depend on an elastic or an inelastic market, and specify the steps you need to take in the next one (1) year to begin to implement this strategy. The last section of the paper should identify one (1) or more specific accomplishments the above will allow you to achieve five (5) years in the future, or by December 2024.It is critical that you note specific course concepts in each part of the paper with the appropriate citations to course material.

Writing Specifics: This paper should be no more than six (6) pages, double-spaced, 12-point Times Roman, one-inch margin on all sides and written at a graduate level.Students should reference “Dr. Bubba’s Writing Guide” on Blackboard.All papers may be submitted to a plagiarism-checking website to ensure authenticity of authorship.

Write an essay about apply strategy to your future

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