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The goal of this project is to “read” the landscape and to understand how a place has
changed over time.
With Cronon’s book Changes in the Land and article “Rails and Water” (on Canvas),
as well as other readings and lectures from the course as your guide, examine a
landscape carefully and think about how it came to be. Some things to consider and
address in your paper:
1) What appears to be (or what might have been) the landscape’s “first nature”
appearance? What are the key elements of the landscape that are natural
and predate human alteration?
2) What appear to be the “second nature” changes or modifications that humans
have made to the landscape? How was the landscape changed, and why?
How do the second nature features of the landscape connect or relate to one
3) What resources and values (both economic and non-economic) does the
landscape possess? Which resources have been “commodified” (i.e.,
converted into something with monetary value) and developed
economically? What appears to have been the effect on non-economic
4) Based on the surrounding landscape and the ownership status of the
landscape, what might the future hold for that landscape?
5) What parallels or connections do you see between your landscape and the
historical accounts of landscape change we have studied in this course?

1.25 inch margin please let me know if you have any questions thank you writer

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