Poster presentation using a single PPT slide

Paper details
Create a poster presentation using a single PPT slide. The poster must synthesize a large amount of information into a relatively small space, successfully. It should be visually appealing but this is not a decorating contest. Pay attention to colors and font. The poster is still formal. We do not use graphics on a formal poster.
Layout is critical. It should be organized and logical. Arrange so it can be read in a column. It can be hard to move across and then back to the next row.
Bullets can (but don’t have to be) be used (as opposed to paragraphs) but there must be sufficient information included. Less is more but there must be information included.
If you include figures and tables, make sure they can be read at a distance.
INSTRUCTIONS: Introduce and identify your research question: (what are the psychosocial and cognitive implications of children placed in foster care?)
Describe your population of interest (children age 5-18)
Look at your chosen issue from an interdisciplinary perspective by identifying at least 10 empirical, peer reviewed articles that represent at least three social science disciplines that speak to your population of choice. *****My article reviews of the 10 empirical articles are attached and from these…. You will need to : 1)compare and contrast the findings from the different disciplines. 2)How do the findings align?
3)How do they contrast?
4)What insight does each discipline give to the specific issues of your chosen topic?
5)Identify and discuss the specific provisions within selected laws and policies (e.g. ACA, Violence Against Women Act, Social Security Act) that apply to your chosen topic.
Provide viable policy solutions based on your research.
6)How could the social issue you selected be improved based on what you have learned from multiple social science disciplines?

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