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1. Watch ‘Hip hop expert witness (Links to an external site.)’. According to the textbook, how did this expert witness do in terms of his appearance? Link to Hip hop expert witness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMBxmTyfkyo How did he do in presenting his qualifications? Notice his demeanor, his body language, and the way he sits on the stand. What did the witness do that made him seem nervous? What did the witness do that made him seem confident?

2. Read ‘FBI Testimony on Microscopic Hair Analysis Contained Errors in at Least 90 Percent of Cases in Ongoing Review (Links to an external site.)’. What went wrong in terms of expert witness testimony? Link: https://www.fbi.gov/news/pressrel/press-releases/fbi-testimony-on-microscopic-hair-analysis-contained-errors-in-at-least-90-percent-of-cases-in-ongoing-review What were the consequences?

3. Read ‘Demonstrative Evidence: How It Can Help Expert Testimony (Links to an external site.)’ and watch ‘Defense expert’s demonstration backfires (Links to an external site.)’. According to the article and your textbook, what are the pros of demonstrative evidence? Read: https://www.expertinstitute.com/resources/insights/demonstrative-evidence-how-it-can-help-expert-testimony/ Video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S59AlEIcGDo According to the article, the video, and the textbook, what are things you have to consider when giving demonstrative evidence? Each question should be atleast 150 words.

Question 1 can be 150 words and more, question 2 can be 150 words and more and etc. No plagisum. it’s an reflection paper. APA format Requirements: The student met all of the following requirements: -Answered all parts of the question. -Gave clear and logical reason when asked about their opinions/solutions. -Gave examples from the assigned material or referred to something from the assigned material (IN THEIR OWN WORDS). -Answers were detailed and not vague. For example, if the question asked what was an issue mentioned in the assigned material, they stated an issue and explained why it was an issue. -Answers were written in a clear manner with only minimal amount of grammatical or spelling errors.

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