Different reading assessments

Paper details  
: You may choose a delivery medium from the Technology Resource Library or submit a PDF for this assignment. Some possibilities include Glogster, Piktochart, Popplet, Powtoon, Prezi®, and Smore. If providing a link to the completed assignment, make sure to post a working link without authentication or logging in needed to access the assignment.

Create a graphic organizer, infographic, multimedia poster, or other visual to summarize different reading assessments.

Include the following categories and information in your visual:

A summary of the differences between formative and summative assessments
Examples of formative and summative reading assessments and a description of when you would use these assessments in your classroom
Accommodations to assessments and conditions
A summary of the roles of assessment in reading instruction
A summary of the ethical considerations related to the use of reading assessments and reading assessment data

Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Include APA formatted in-text citations from the course readings.
Use the requirements above to create APA formatted headings.
Include a reference page in APA format.

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