Design plan for a cultural artifact

Paper Details: Scenario You are the VP of HR at a start-up technology organization. The CEO believes it is critical to create the appropriate organizational culture rather than let it grow organically. He has provided you with the mission, vision, and values of the organization.

He wants these components translated into tangible representations or artifacts; to be distributed around the work environment. He believes that these artifacts reflect the values and behaviors, which are required to promote effectiveness and successful performance.

The CEO has requested that you create an organizational cultural artifact that represents the components and values of the organization. A cultural artifact represents a unique perspective or view into the organization and requires creative innovation to present a more abstract representation of the values, culture, and strategy of an organization.

Instructions Prepare a design plan for a cultural artifact that: Describes an actual cultural artifact that could be created. The artifact can be any tangible medium you choose: a curio or art object, a toy, a video, a poster or infographic, or another medium. It is NOT a policy document or operating manual.

Explains the design process by answering these questions: How would relationships in an organization be evaluated to determine the need for a cultural artifact?

How would this cultural artifact improve relationships? What would be the expected impact to performance from the use of the cultural artifact? Communicates key elements that the cultural artifact must demonstrate: Organization’s mission and value statements. Organization’s strategic focus. Key descriptors of the organization’s culture. Provides attribution for credible sources used in the design plan.

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