Mass consumption essay

Paper details Throughout the semester, we have looked at the ways that our current mass consumption driven, corporatist and globalized society is causing social and economic disparity and environmental degradation that seems at times overwhelming.

In a review of the Schlossberg book that we read for Week 10, Bill McKibben argues that, “fighting for the Green New Deal makes more mathematical sense than trying to take on the planet one commodity at a time.” In other words, change will happen only by changing institutions and systems. Jonathan Foer’s chapter, “That is the Questions” defends the importance of individual action claiming that individual behavior is impactful and contagious.

Which side of the debate do you find yourself on? Do you think individuals can make a difference or do you think they are powerless? Why or why not? Finally – describe two examples of some kind of action – wither individual or collective/institutional – that you think would be helpful to reduce the negative affects of mass consumption. Note: under Optional Readings I posted the Opinion pieces by Scranton that Foer refers to in his chapter.

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