Writing a research paper.

Writing a research paper..

I’m working on a Article Writing exercise and need support.

Imagine the study you would like to conduct – even if it is just an imaginary study. Think about what you want to investigate and how you would pose your research question. Fill out the items below. Complete the items below.

  1. Please write a purpose statement for your study.
  2. Describe the target population that your study could be generalized to.
  3. Please write a research question for your study.
  4. Label each kind of variable. For example, you may have an independent and dependent variable. You may have treatment, control, and confounding variables.
  5. Pick two variables. Write down operational definitions for each. In other words, tell me exactly how the variables will be measured (data collected).
  6. Reflection: What is still unclear about the process of posing a research question and defining variables?  

Writing a research paper.

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