Writing assignments

Writing assignments.

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For Chapter 4 of Temp, please write a brief, 200-250 word synopsis. You might consider answering the following questions: What are the main historical events that Hyman discusses in the chapter? What is the chapter’s main theme? Does Hyman write about any problems that you find interesting or that seem worth exploring further? What seems to be each chapter’s main argument, and how does this argument relate to the argument of the book as a whole?

As with the Chapter synopses that you wrote for Chapters 1-3, my advice is to treat this synopsis both as a helpful way to remember what takes place in this chapter of Temp and as a way to continue thinking about the kinds of questions you might want to address in your Contexts Project….


Now that you’ve had a chance to start researching, please write two short paragraphs—approximately 200-250 words each—describing two current “problems” that you might be interested in exploring in more detail in your Contexts Project. These “problems” should be related somehow to the theme of our course, “Work in the 21st Century.” You might begin with something that has interested you during one of our assigned readings or class discussions, or you might pursue a topic that you’ve come across on your own. Or perhaps you discovered something interesting while doing the Read + Find/Summarize an Article discussion(This is the last question that I post), or read one of your peer’s responses that made you curious…

Whatever “problems” you choose, you should try to describe why they are problems, and for whom. How would you convince someone that these are problems that need to be addressed? Can you begin to quantify these problems somehow? Who are the people most affected by them?

Contexts Project (30%)

The Contexts Project (CP) is the first of the major assignments for 39C. For this assignment, you will explore a current social or political problem related to our class theme and write a 1500-2000-word essay that articulates the findings of your research on the issue.

Writing assignments

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