Writing Essay

Writing Essay.

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Task, or Assignment Instructions

  1. Find some piece of media on the internet—a podcast; an article in a magazine, journal, or newspaper; a TEDTalk; a blog post; a documentary; etc. This media should be about something related to food justice and/or writing.

    Remember, your goal is to find something to add to the conversations we’re having about these topics, so the piece of media you write about must be related to our discussions. That’s not to say that you can’t branch out and bring in other topics of consideration; however, there must be a clear connection between your chosen text and our class.

    I suggest choosing a text that is of a reasonable length, which is why I suggest finding an article, podcast, or TEDTalk since these are all relatively short and won’t require you to spend a significant amount of time engaging with that source.

  2. Read, listen to, or watch your chosen media in its entirety.
  3. Write a summary paragraph about your chosen source. The summary paragraph should include the following:
    • Paraphrased versions of the main ideas or supporting details featured in the text; present them in the order they appear in the text and in your own words.

    • At least one direct quote from the text that is effectively introduced with a signal phrase/lead-in sentence; the direct quote should be directly related to one of the main ideas or supporting details and should add specificity to the summary.
    • An introductory sentence that identifies the following elements:
      • The speaker(s) or writer(s) of the text;
      • The title of the article/episode/video/etc.;
      • The title of the source that published the text (website, podcast, newspaper, book, etc.); and
      • The main idea of the text.

        For example: “In a New York Times op-ed piece published in 2002 and titled “Don’t Blame the Eater,” David Zinczenko argues that the fast-food industry both actively contributes to rising obesity rates in the U.S. and makes itself vulnerable to lawsuits by failing to provide sufficient nutritional facts labeling on their products.

5. After you have written the summary paragraph, write a response paragraph in which you identify a point or idea in the text that you wish to respond to and then respond to that point. You may respond however you wish, but I encourage you to use this opportunity to explain how your chosen text adds to the conversations we’ve had in class thus far or how it helped you think differently about the chosen topic.

You may use the following questions to guide your response, but you are not required to respond to any of them. Your response paragraph should take whatever form makes most sense for you.

        • Identify a specific point or idea in your chosen text with which you either agree or disagree. Identify your response and explain why you agree or disagree.
        • How does this text add to or challenge your thinking about the concepts—either about writing or food justice—that we have discussed in class so far? How do the ideas in this text relate to our conversations?
        • Identify an aspect or idea in the text that resonated with you personally. To “resonate” in this context means when something in the writing brings up memories, emotions, or personal thoughts. That means that in completing this assignment, I not only want to know what part of the essay creates a personal reaction, but also what that reaction is (a memory? a strong personal belief? a challenge to your values or priorities?) and why that part of the essay created that reaction.
        • If you chose a text about writing, what did you learn from this text? How do you plan to usewhat you’ve learned in your own writing, either in this class this term or in writing you do in the future?

Minimum Assignment Requirements

In order to earn credit for this Advanced Labor assignment, your assignment must:

  • Be at least 300 words in length; and
  • Include a summary paragraph that fulfills all the requirements listed above; and
  • Include a response paragraph that fulfills the requirements listed above; and
  • Be reasonably proofread (a few mistakes are fine), be neatly formatted and easy to read, and contain a header with your name, date, the class title, and the assignment title (“Media Analysis”); and
  • Be submitted to Canvas by the due date.

Writing Essay

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