writing promot

writing promot.

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writing prompt( more details see files). After composing this poem,please work to construct a paragraph-length response detailing the thought-process you intend for the work to prompt.What displacements or de-stabilizations of perspective does it afford? How are these particularly productive or generative?What transformations-in awareness and/or intervention-might it instigate?How does it re-position,and in this way empower,the population to whom it is directed?What progressive,revolutionary,or particularly transcendent potentialities might be invoked in its wake?

definition the terms on files by your own words. Generate a list of three potential issues which you feel are due a necessary level of critical and/or creative engagement/awareness/intervention.Ensure that for each potential issue you include a brief paragraph(of between 3-5 sentences)explicating a.)its present circumstances and b.)What Potentialities a critical and/or creative response might enable.

writing promot

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