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Your company’s president has recently been at a conference where she heard a presentation on Due Diligence and was told that she, and all managers in the company, could be subject to criminal charges if a serious injury were to occur to any of the organization’s workers. This has her concerned, despite the company not having any discernable serious hazards. You have been asked by the company president to present to the senior management group on the risks/liabilities due to health and safety issues and what should be done to mitigate these risks. The company has no formal safety program. Training/orientation for new employees involves sitting down with Human Resources to get general information on employment at the company. Supervisors may or may not provide supplemental training and there are no organizational requirements for creating or maintaining any safety related documentation. There is not a Joint OHS Committee and there may or may not be First Aid at any given time as this duty is not planned nor scheduled.
Provide some of the background on the organization for which you are creating this plan. Discussion points include the size and physical layout (multiple sites vs. single site), the number workers, the number of departments, etc.
Please create a presentation for the senior management of the organization. It is up to you how you would like to present the material. Ideas include handouts, power point presentations, report, letter, etc. This report is aimed towards educating the group on OHS concepts: OHS program requirements, responsibilities, training requirements, first aid, inspections, OHS committees etc. Feel free to include templates or resources to promote your ideas and to ‘sell’ them to your employer.

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