Study designs

For each pair listed below, explain the main differences between each of the following study designs. For discussion of differences for each of the pairs, write a short paragraph that includes the following information: /0x4*

  • Main differences between studies
  • Advantages of each design
  • Disadvantages of each design
  • Appropriate use of each study design
  • Strength of evidence

1. Observational and experimental studies

2. Retrospective cohort and prospective cohort studies

3.Cohort and case-control studies

  • (8 points total; 2 points each) Which type of study design is best described in each of the following scenarios?  Choose one study design from the following answers:
  • prospective cohort study
  • retrospective cohort
  • case-control
  • cross-sectional
  • clinical trial
  1. A study that compares the prevalence of back pain among current members of the automobile manufacturing union with that of current members of the bakers and confectionary union.