Career Mentoring Program

having completed the Career Mentoring Program, take time now to reflect on your experiences over the past 10 weeks.

For this activity:

do  A one PG summary of your career mentoring experiences, addressing one or more of these topics: career choice, job search strategies, resume or profile, networking, and lessons learned.

Did you solidify your career choice or discover new careers of interest?

Did you learn new strategies for finding HR jobs?

Will you able to tailor your resume or profile or add a new LinkedIn connection, because of this experience?

How will you apply what you learned in the mentoring experience to move forward in your HR career?

Write clearly and concisely in a manner that is well organized, grammatically correct, and free of spelling, typographical, formatting, and/or punctuation errors.




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Fair Treatment of Ethnicities The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) has authorized The Solution Group, (the company you work for) to

Fair Treatment of Ethnicities

The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) has authorized The Solution Group, (the company you work for) to assess assimilation of recent transfers into the workplace environment in the newly opened IT division of Fig Technologies in Tyler, Texas. The Tyler IT division was aligned with its counterparts in Qatar and Germany. In an effort to assimilate the newly formed virtual teams, a contingent from each of the three offices went to the other offices for a two-month immersion. The purpose of the short-term exchange was to learn culture, process, and systems. Some hostilities have been reported in all three offices by team members as to difficulties with the visiting team members. The ELC wants more information.

Your objective is to determine how to assess the assimilation progress of workers to different people and cultures. Is there acceptance? What are possible roadblocks and obstacles (e.g., language, common terminology, customs, and work ethics). As a consultant, how would you complete this assessment and report results?

Your assignment instructions are as follows:

Introduce the composition of the three 10-member teams in each of the sites. You do not need names, though you should develop an ethnically diverse team of locals and visitors from the other respective worksites and national cultures. Explore the differences in culture, perspective, and experience of your team. Include whether the work culture in these countries is individualistic or collective. This section should be 200 words, approximately half of a page. 

Develop a short assessment tool in order to measure assimilation. Tools may include one of the following: a survey (no more than 10 questions), an interview (no more than 10 questions), or natural observation (approximately half of a page, including a copy of the assessment tool questions). 

Assessment and results: Develop a one and a half-page summary of your assessment results and how you determined these results based on the answers. The results must address the challenges of these three dynamic cultures and perspectives working together in a live, onsite, and remote environment. Also, identify the demographic data and cultures that make up the organization and how these relate to the U.S. population. Show how you will analyze and use this data in your assessment.

Present your three approaches for improving assimilation onsite. Support your approaches. This section should be approximately half of a page.

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Deliverable 3 – Memo about Patient Intake

Assignment Content

Examine the structure of the U.S. legal system and government as it relates to ethics, law, and core principles of public health.

You have recently been promoted to Health Services Manager at Mountain View Regional Hospital. Mountain View Regional Hospital is a general medical and surgical facility with 400 beds. Last year there were approximately 62,000 emergency visits and 15,000 admissions. More than 6,000 outpatient and 10,000 inpatient surgeries were performed.

Currently, patients are given a number of intake forms to complete, but do not receive any explanation about the purpose of the forms. These forms ask for private information, and patients have expressed uneasiness in providing it. You have been asked to create a letter that will be sent to all Mountain View Regional Hospital employees clarifying the patient intake process. The purpose of this is to help build trust with patients, while also ensuring both patients and employees understand the forms. This letter will equip employees with the necessary information to explain the purpose of each intake form to patients.

In your letter:

Identify and list which forms patients need to complete at the time of admission. 

Explain why each intake/admissions form needs to be completed. (Make sure to incorporate ethics, law, and core principles of public health.)

Discuss the importance of employees building trust with patients and why it is important for both patients and employees to understand the forms.

NOTE – APA formatting, and proper grammar, punctuation, and form required

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Assignment 3

Read the article The-Fastest-Growing-Cause-for-Shareholders-is-Sustainability (attached).

In your opinion, does it pay to be socially responsible?

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages for a company that pursues a sustainability strategy?

How could a manager’s attitude toward social responsibility affect the company’s strategy?

What is your position on social responsibility, are you for it or against it, why?

You should submit:

A word document with your responses

Make reference to material covered  (article, textbook, websites, etc., cite at least two different sources)

Each response should be between 1 to 2 paragraphs.

Format using APA style, and include any sources you cite in a reference page.

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Unit 3 AS: Research Problem Statement Assignment

This assignment requires students to write a Research Problem statement on their approved research topic. This will be informed by their evaluation of previous research that was started in Unit 2 with the Annotated Bibliography Assignment. 

See the attached assignment sheet for details. (The assignment must be double spaced, in 12-point font, and cite sources as necessary to support your analysis.) 

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Sanghavi assign 3

Read this document about the models of innovation. Models of Innovation.pdf 

1.  Using the examples provided, Christensen product examples.docx find 5 similar products/technologies and determine whether they are disruptive or sustaining technology?  First state sustaining or disruptive (today) then explain your choice. (minimum of one paragraph of 3-8 sentences for each product).

Include references in APA format and grammar checks. One example is medical testing. What other kinds of medical testing can you find? the second one is related to medical treatments, the third to construction innovations, the fourth to alternative energy products, The fifth and last is Poo-Pourri has many competitors in the bathroom fragrance space, you need to find one that is similar. Optional: select a product or technology that you have learned about in this course or are passionate about as one of the 5 required. State that this is the optional product/technology.

2.  Under each similar product you found above, identify what other models (other than Christensen’s)  describe each product innovation? (such as Abernathy-Clark or Value chain) Explain. 

Here is an optional article that may help in defining the terms:

Disruptive vs. Sustaining Innovation _ Deloitte Israel.pdf

For a deeper dive in a more recent article from Christensen, et. al.
What Is Disruptive Innovation_HBR.pdf

The Innovation Value Chain.pdf

Innovation and knowledge creation.pdf

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Information System Management

Safeguards against security threats. Do you use any of these in your personal life or at work? If so, explain how these safeguards help to ensure information security in your home or at work. If not, do you feel like the systems are adequately protected? Should any safeguards be put into place? 200 words

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DB WK 1 part 2

Respond to at least two other student posts 

Cory :  The topic I have chosen is a quote from Bali Padda chief operating officer of the LEGO Group, who said, “Strategy is only as good as the execution behind it.” I think formulation and execution are related I also think that without strategy you can execute. Obviously, the strategy helps because it allows you to have a game plan. I’m going to give an example that has nothing to do with business, but it is an easier way of describing the strategy. For example: in sports doesn’t matter the age every team practices, those practices are to create a game plan to achieve a goal. Strategy is the same thing it can be a group or a single person that strategizes to achieve a goal.

In the chart on page 5, you see that feeding lessons from successful strategy implementation back into strategy formulation isn’t as important as the other ones. Why I think it isn’t as important because every situation is different, and you can’t always do the same thing as the last time.

Why is strategy so important? The strategy helps us define our business, it gives us a set of values and gives the business a purpose. The strategy helps the business owner map out the future of the business and allows them to have a baseline of the future. The strategy shows the business owner the destination and identifies useful stopping points along the way.

Coming up with a strategic plan isn’t always easy it may take a while to come up with a good strategic plan or a successful one. When coming up with a strategic plan there are many steps you can take; here are five steps you can plan, determine your strategic position, prioritize your objectives, develop a strategic plan, execute, and manage your plan, and review and revise the plan. (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

Unit, E. I. (2013). Why good strategies fail: Lessons for the C-suite. London: Economist Intelligence Unit Limited.


The data point that really jumps out to me is the high rate of failure to implement strategic initiatives successfully.  According to a survey of 587 global executives, over 61% of the respondents claim their employers or firms struggle to close the gap of strategic change. 

I just got out of a 6-hour long consultant training put on by my firm today.  The consultant was a 30 year professional in the manufacturing industry who has conducted training and offered firms help on implementing self-directed work teams (SDWT’s).   Something that Proctor and Gamble really spotlighted in the 60’s and was successful across their organization. The gentlemen repeatedly emphasized the importance of companies going through a paradigm shift of less authority and more involvement from hourly employees on self-directed teams, that we must stick it out and not give up.  It’s going to be tough at first – change is not easy.  There are 3 stages of the implementation of strategic formulation with SDWT’s, the current stage, the initiation phase and the future state.   The consultant said many companies fail to get out of the initiation phase. 

The Economist article continues to offer several other data points and info on the failures.  Firms often fail to provide a sufficiently skilled work force capable of implementing the change.  There seems to be a failure in the proper implementation for day-to-day operations as well, with almost 50% of the respondents claiming such. 

I decided to research the data point that only 28% said their firms don’t give strategic projects the needed attention or prioritization.   I really think this boils down to executives not seeing the direct connection to helping the bottom line. 

According to Harvard Business Review (Miller, 2020), firms need to adopt strategies that allow that to be sustainable.  To be a sustainable business change is evident.  Change must come in the form of strategic change.  “As firms have increasingly embraced sustainability, they’ve shifted their focus toward creating value for all stakeholders impacted by business decisions, including customers, employees, and community member.”  This is similar to a firm adopting self-directed work teams and creating value by empowering the workforce.

               “Why is there such a persistent gap between ambition and performance? The gap arises, we believe, from a disconnect in most companies between strategy formulation and strategy execution. Our research reveals that, on average, 95% of a company’s employees are unaware of, or do not understand, its strategy. If the employees who are closest to customers and who operate processes that create value are unaware of the strategy, they surely cannot help the organization implement it effectively” (Kaplan, 2005). 

This paragraph from another Harvard Business Review article would suggest why its so important to implement a self-directed work team because they are closest to the operations and have the most knowledge of the interactions and processes to make strategic change affective and successful.


Kaplan, Robert.  (October, 2005).  The Office of Strategy Management.  Harvard Business Review.

Miller, Kelsey.  (Dec. 8th, 2020).  The triple bottom line: what it is

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Weekly Discussion with 450 words and proper references


“The Porter Diamond model offers an effective way for analyzing the national competitiveness. Based on the characteristics of the home country, it is possible to assess the international success of the firm.  According to the Porter Diamond model, the characteristics of the home country play a central role in explaining the international competitiveness of the firm. Thus, it asserts that the quality of the home country environment influence how successful the company can become in other markets.”written by Maximilian Claessens 4th June 2016

Links for your reference:

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Analyze Qualitative Data

For the Week 6 assignment, perform qualitative thematic data analysis using the three video transcripts below The topic of the transcripts is Business Startups.

Describe your chosen approach to analyze the data from these three transcripts; support your chosen approach using references. Be sure to consider the type of data collected to create procedures for a comprehensive analysis. In your description, clearly define your approach to:

(a) organizing data
(b) coding and thematic development
(c) triangulation
(d) using software applications

Then identify at least three (3) themes you extracted from the three video transcripts. The number of themes will be based on your selected framework. For each theme:

(a) Label the theme
(b) Define the theme’s concept based on the interpretation of the data.
(c) Include a 2-3 direct quotes from the data that best represent how the theme is conceptualized.

As with all other assignments, your approach must be systematic, logical, fully explained, and supported with scholarly sources. Use the resources provided, and at least three other peer-reviewed articles to defend your research plan.

Length: 2-4 pages

Your assignment should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course and provide new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your response should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Be sure to adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

Transcript #1

Transcript #2

Transcript #3

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