University of London Enterprise Risk Management Research

University of London Enterprise Risk Management Research.

Your final research paper assignment is to write a research paper that explains how Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) empowers organizations to both avoid loss and capitalize on opportunity. You must provide specific examples.

To complete this assignment, upload a Microsoft Word document (.doc or .docx) that contains your complete paper. Remember that your paper, including your list of sources, must be in APA format, and you MUST cite your reference in the body of the paper using APA in-text citation format. A source is any paper or article that you will reference in your paper. If you need more information on APA format (for references list AND in-text citations), visit this reference:…

Plagiarism detected in your work will result in a grade of zero for the entire paper.

Here are a few details about the overall research paper Please look at the attached rubric for details on how the paper will be graded.

You must reference two (2) peer-reviewed articles or papers that support your thesis statement. One of these papers may be from your annotated bibliography assignment. The final paper must be at least 500 words in length. (DO NOT exceed 500 words by a material amount. Excessive words or too many references will NOT impress me.)

So in summary, here are the research paper requirements:

2 peer reviewed resources (articles or papers) (1 may be from your annotated bibliography assignment)

Paper MUST address: How Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) empowers organizations to both avoid loss and capitalize on opportunity. Yu must provide specific examples

Cited sources must directly support your paper (i.e. not incidental references)

At least 500 words in length (but NOT longer than 1000 words)

If you are not sure how to identify peer reviewed papers or articles, please visit the following resources:……

University of London Enterprise Risk Management Research

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Broward Community College Registered Nursing Resume

Broward Community College Registered Nursing Resume.

I will update all my old resume . I want you to include more I will graduate as and RN in December 2019 , I able to performing emergency CPR, charting in the patients record , clean wounds ,changing dressing , set IV line , administer blood transfusion ,insert nasal gastric tube, feedings tubes ,take care of patients with stoma ,collecting urine and blood specimen , administer medication , given vaccines , insert foley catheter , empty the urine catheter. able to read and perform EKG.

I need a cover letter and a thank you letter thank you.

Broward Community College Registered Nursing Resume

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Broward Community College Nursing Cover Letter

Broward Community College Nursing Cover Letter.

– I need a cover letter based on my resume

– i also need a thank you letter to thank a nursing director interviewer

– see resume below


High School Diploma

Atlantic Community High School

January, 2012

General Education A.A

Broward College

December 2014

Lake Worth, FL


Microbiology lab and lecture Anatomy and physiology lab and lecture

Chemistry lab and lecture College Algebra

Human Growth and Development Statistic

Nursing courses

fundamentals, pathophysiology, pharmacology, medical surgical, geriatric, pediatric, advanced concept, role development


Home Health Aide

Total Home Care

May 2013-April 2016

Fort-Lauderdale, FL

Take vital signs and collect specimen

Observe and report any changes in patient condition

Assist with personal cleanliness, oral hygiene, making beds and straightening rooms

Monitor intake/output of patients

Provided basic supportive care to patients

Kept patient room sanitized and orderly

Setup patients room, oriented patient to room and recorded basic patient information


Wendy’s International

August 2011- July 2013

Boca Raton, FL

Greeted guests in a courteous and welcoming manner

Operated cash register, received payment from customers, memorized customer

preferences and provided excellent cash/credit service

Perform food preparation and drive-thru duties

Perform cleaning duties in the dining room such as , wipe off tables, retrieve trays,

vacuum carpets, sweep, and mop floors

Stock napkins, condiments, and utensils


Home Health Aide/CNA/PCA

CPR Certificat

Broward Community College Nursing Cover Letter

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West Coast Week 6 Public Health Leaders & Situational Leadership Question

West Coast Week 6 Public Health Leaders & Situational Leadership Question.

Prompt 1: Why do public health leaders need to understand the situational leadership model? Describe how the skills associated with this model can be used to address specific community challenges.

Prompt 2 Apply negotiation and mediation skills to help address the community challenges you presented in the first prompt. Why is it important for a public health leader to have a positive relationship with the community? Provide another example of how public health leader can improve his or her relationship with the community.

Prompt 1: Explain the role sociodemographics play in the global burden of unintentional injuries.

Prompt 2: Choose one of the leading causes of unintentional injuries (road injury, poisonings, falls, fires, or drowning) and suggest ways that it might be addressed.

West Coast Week 6 Public Health Leaders & Situational Leadership Question

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INF 162W California University A Report to IC Irvine on Remote Learning Discussion

INF 162W California University A Report to IC Irvine on Remote Learning Discussion.

——————- PROMPT —————————-

we will continue the exploration of remote teaching, based on what you’ve learned through your own experience, through your analysis of journals, through your reading of other people’s key theme documents in peer review, and through your discussion with classmates. The first document you wrote was a discussion of themes that you found in your analysis of the journal materials. The second document, for this assignment, is a report to the university on the experience of remote teaching, with a set of recommendations for both technological and policy solutions that you think the university should implement to smooth remote teaching in the future. As throughout this class, you should imagine that you have been recruited as an organizational IT consultant, using your knowledge of organizational practice, gleaned from the lessons of this class, to provide a service to your client, UC Irvine.

As with Assignment 1, we’ll do this in stages — first, a drafting stage; then a peer review stage; and then a revision stage. Weeks 7 and 8 will be the drafting stage; peer review will happen during week 9; and you’ll have week 10 to revise based on feedback. (These reports are longer, so you’ll have just one other report to review in the peer review stage.)

The analysis that you provided in the prior assignment forms the basis for this one. It is fine to reuse and restate that analysis, although you should revise it in light of the shift of audience (from me, to the university administration). Your document should comprise the following elements:

  1. Executive summary (a one-page summary of your findings and recommendations).
  2. Statement of the context and an explanation of the data sources that you are using.
  3. Analysis of the data.
  4. Specific recommendations for the university to implement.

Items (3) and (4) should be the bulk of the report. It should be written in a formal tone. The projected document length is 3500-4500 words.

For this part of the assignment, 2.1, you should generate a first draft of this document for peer review. That is due on Sunday May 24th. As with the first writing assignment, that’s a strict deadline, since the peer review process will begin automatically once the due date passes. Also like the first writing assignment, this draft won’t be graded.


I wanted to post a little more guidance on how you should think about the second writing assignment.

As a reminder, the first assignment was directed to me, and focused on discourse models. The second assignment, by contrast, is directed to the university; you should imagine that I’m going to send it to the Vice Provost for Learning and Teaching (and perhaps I will!) There are four implications of this:

First, I had noted that you didn’t need to bother explaining to me in the first assignment that we were engaged in remote teaching and what I’d asked you to write about. (Some of you did anyway, which is fine.) This time, though, since you are writing for a different audience, you will need to explain a little more about the context in which you’re writing (ie, that you’ve been asked to make recommendations for learning and teaching in the face of remote operations) and what material you’re drawing on (journals, your own experiences, other things, as applicable).

Second, the recommendations that you offer are going to drive things. Your report is building towards a series of recommendations you make about how to address the organizational challenges of remote teaching and learning. So when I’m asking you to discuss your data and analysis, it would be sensible to focus these on things that lead towards or justify the specific recommendations that you are going to offer.

Third, although I was asking you to focus on discourse models in the first assignment, that’s not a consideration here. I’m going to guess that the Vice Chancellor isn’t terribly interested in those. So you do not have to present your recommendations in terms of discourse analysis. (Maybe the discourse analysis you’ve done offers particular insight that you want to share; that’s fine, of course. But it’s not required.) I’m guessing that this will make this assignment easier; you’re not being graded on the specific mode of analysis that you adopted.

Fourth, the tone should be formal, communicative, and practical.

Although I’m asking you to imagine that the report would be forwarded to the Vice Chancellor, you should couch your recommendations and comments in the third person (ie, say “the university should…” rather than “you should…”).

In the first assignment, because you were doing a discourse analysis, I asked you to work specifically with the journal entries that were assigned. You can certainly use those again, although you can also draw on other data sources, including your own experience. We all know much more about remote teaching than we did at the start of the course — and you guys know more about it than I do because you’ve been experiencing even more of it than I have! So feel free to draw on those experiences too, and on what you’ve heard from your colleagues. In particular, you have been in multiple classes and so I imagine that you can compare experiences of classes taught in different ways, classes with different kinds of content, and so on. You can certainly make use of that.

It’s fine to reuse ideas from the first assignment. You don’t need a whole new set of ideas (although your own thinking might have evolved). But even if you are going to explore some of the same themes, you probably can’t just cut-and-paste from the old document, because the frame, the tone, and the focus will be different now.

I’m asking you to write an executive summary. It’s fine that it repeats material from elsewhere in the document; in fact, I’d expect it to. (It’s a summary, after all. Although it goes at the start of the document, I recommend that you write it last. When I say it should be a page, I mean, no more than a page.



For the first assignment I was assigned to read journal entries written by other students about how they are coping with the new online learning environment and I had to write a discourse analyses about what they are experiencing. So a lot of the findings are in my assignment 1 file that I attached to this doc.

Please read the prompt and guidance carefully

Please follow instructions and stay within 3500 – 4500 word count.

INF 162W California University A Report to IC Irvine on Remote Learning Discussion

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stakeholder Support Information Technology Projects Discussion

stakeholder Support Information Technology Projects Discussion.

Stakeholder support is very important to information technology projects. Stakeholders can be external and internal. External stakeholders could be members of the society who benefit from the technology. Internal stakeholders could be the executive management team responsible for funding the project.

If your project were to be implemented and deployed in a real-world environment, identify the key stakeholders whose support you would need. In your initial post, identify these stakeholders and describe the strategies you would take to get stakeholder buy-in. Also, describe how you could approach stakeholders that might resist the project.

stakeholder Support Information Technology Projects Discussion

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Combating Genocide Dilemmas And Solutions Persuasive Essay

Combating Genocide Dilemmas And Solutions Persuasive Essay.

Topic: persuasive speech on combating genocide

The outline should be written using full-sentence outline method using either the Motivated-Sequence or Problem-Cause-Solution organizational pattern. The outline should have enough content in order to deliver an 8-10 minute persuasive speech. The outline should include the following:


Thesis Statement

Persuasion Technique

Audience Analysis


Body – key points (minimum of 3)

Capture Attention

Establish Credibility

Preview the Speech



Support References (minimum 3)

Presentation Aid

The speaker should include responses the following questions,

What types of persuasion did you choose to include? Why? How would they best persuade your target audience?

What challenges did you have crafting our outline? How did you overcome them?

What do you think is the strength of this outline? Why?

Combating Genocide Dilemmas And Solutions Persuasive Essay

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Glendale Community College Monocropping in Agriculture Essay

Glendale Community College Monocropping in Agriculture Essay.

2,000 word minimum 7+ credible sources (2 peer reviewed)

In Essay 3, you will prove a claim about biodiversity in one specific area (health, environment, hunger, etc.). Your essay will have to be a rigorous analysis of the scientific support for and proofs against your position, and you must justify your position in light of both, especially through your counterargument. You will also have to analyze the validity of the studies you use to support your position and those that impeach your opposition. Consider flaws in reasoning, bias, exclusion of perspectives or data, poorly constructed experiments, etc. You must prove your thesis through well-reasoned, well-researched, well-organized argument.

You can pick any topic, hobby, activity, or interest that appeal to you and see how it might intersect with biodiversity.

Possible essay topics include, but are not limited to:

  • How a particular ecosystem’s biodiversity affects climate change
  • The effects of tourism OR urban development on a particular ecosystem’s biodiversity
  • Biodiversity’s connection to medical/pharmacological developments
  • The effects of monocropping in agriculture
  • Pollinator biodiversity and its effects on agriculture

REMEMBER, this essay is an argument, not a report. You have to prove your claim.

You have a reason why your claim is true, and your essay needs to prove it through evidence and strong arguments.


  • 2,000 words minimum
  • 1”margins
  • Last Name & Page Numbers in the upper-right corner of the Header
  • Heading in the upper-left corner of the 1st page that includes

Your Full Name


Professor Name


  • A clear, relevant, interesting title
  • Double-spaced (no extra space between paragraphs)
  • A correct MLA Works Cited page of all sources
  • Correct MLA Citations throughout the text of your essay for all material referenced
  • NO sentence-level errors
  • A coherent structure—the ideas in your essay should flow (OUTLINES SAVE LIVES!)
  • NO irrelevant points or wordiness
  • On-time submission on Canvas for both rough and final drafts

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any draft that does not reach the minimum word count (even by 1 word), can receive no more than a 60%. Be sure that if you use Google Docs or other online word processing apps (which count differently), that you aren’t under the minimum.

Glendale Community College Monocropping in Agriculture Essay

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Crisis House Volunteer Placement Term Paper Observations Assignment

Crisis House Volunteer Placement Term Paper Observations Assignment.

My agency is Crisis house , here is a website for one of the crisis houses

The Prompt is :

You are responsible to write a volunteer placement term paper is a combination of your experience and observations, along with reflections on the textbook class lectures, and small group discussions. Students are expected to use a minimum of 3 quotations/citations from the readings to define and support the use of social work theories, approaches, values, and practice methods in this term paper.

– For me The paper will be about my experience at the Crisis House, you can find all the info online.I know the paper is mostly about my experience but I can summarize my experience to you so you can use it in the paper.

MY EXPERIENCE : I worked for 40 hours at the crisis house, which was a non profit organization, I learned that the crisis house helps homeless, low income, domestic violence victims, single parents, child abuse and neglects,..etc. The crisis house has alot of programs, each program is responsible to help one of the previous problems. A lot of donations were made such as food, clothes, heigenes. The crisis house provides a place for the homeless to shower, to eat,to get clothes from. The crisis house also provides a program that can provide shelters for homeless.

Try to make more stuff like the above to make the paper look better.

Please note: All term papers must be word processed in APA format and between 6-7 pages NOT including the Title Page and References. All textbook quotations must cite the textbook source, not the chapter outline packet. In addition, there should NOT be any client identifying information within the paper. Each paper is to address the following:

-Agency Introduction

Briefly describe the agency and their mission statement. You can research about the crisis house since it is te agency i picked.

Describe the target population in detail, including pertinent information related to age, gender, socio-economic status, race, culture, ethnicity, etc.

Does the agency respect self-determination? Describe how the agency does or does not uphold self-determination.

Give one specific example to support your point of view. For the example you can make up your own since I could no find one.

-Theories and Interventions

-Social Work Theories and Approaches

Choose two of the following social work theories or approaches and apply them to the work being done at the agency. Give at least one specific example for each theory to illustrate your applications.

1) The Strengths Perspective, 2) Ecological Systems Theory, 3) Systems Theory, 4) Person-in-the-Environment

Social Work Interventions

Choose at least one social work interventions from your observations of staff or your own volunteer work at the agency and give at least one example of the intervention.

1) Individual Casework, 2) Case Management, 3) Individual or family counseling, 4) Group work, 5) Client advocacy, 6) Community organizing (to include outreach work and attempts to change social policy or legislation)

-Effectiveness of the Interventions

Were these interventions effective or ineffective? Why or why not?

-Be sure to support your statements with at least one example from each of the interventions that you have chosen.


-Recommendations for the Agency

What changes would you suggest to make this agency more successful at delivering services? Give one example.

Formatting Requirements

6-7 pages in length

Formatting: 1 inch margins, page numbers, double spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman and Word processed

APA Specific Format: Title Page with Running Head, Reference page, Quotations/Citations properly formatted, In text citations match Reference page

Use only this book for for 3 quotes or citation.…

Crisis House Volunteer Placement Term Paper Observations Assignment

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Learning about Your Own Cultural Heritage and Traditions Assignment

Learning about Your Own Cultural Heritage and Traditions Assignment.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper describing your own cultural heritage and traditions and exploring possible origins of your values, worldviews, and behaviors.

Address the following in your paper:

  • Describe your family’s race and ethnicity, sex and gender, sexuality, socioeconomic status, disability, age, religion and spirituality.
  • Reflect and write on the messages you have received about people from culturally diverse backgrounds
  • What are you most proud of about your cultural heritage and why?
  • Compare and contrast your family values, worldviews, and practices with those of some of the families whose ethnicities differ from yours, and provide your reflection. You may use examples form the text for examples of ethnicities different from yours.
  • How might media coverage affect the public’s perception of your culture? Does it encourage or discourage prejudice, discrimination, and stereotyping?
  • If you were a manager, what inclusion strategies from this week’s reading might you implement to moderate the media’s effect on your employees and to promote inclusion in the workplace?

Include at least two academic references in your research.

Format your paper according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

My informaton

Ethnicity – Hispanic

Originally from El Salvador

Age 24



Learning about Your Own Cultural Heritage and Traditions Assignment

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